Complete price list

Price list in € for the period of 30 days:



Preference or TOPING means moving a displayed advertisement to the top of the order of other advertisements.

Advertisements are ordered the way they were entered or topped. The advertisements that were TOPPED or entered as the latest are always ordered on the top.

Inserting an advertisement by a private user or an offer of services or an offer of company vehicles is always for 30 days.

Prices of cars advertising for private users for 30 days:

Free up to 3 advertisements.

Each additional advertisement (above 3 advertisements) for €0.04, topped advertisement €0.40 (TOPPING).

Prices/30 days for cars advertising (for a company):

Mass presentation of cars using xml feed. Prices: according to the number of cars and photos.

  1. 3-50 cars free per month (up to 1000 photos)
  2. 50-100 cars free per month (up to 2000 photos)
  3. 100-300 cars free per month (up to 6000 photos)
  4. 300 and more cars €8 per month (up to 10 000 photos) or as agreed between the parties.

Preferred offer €4. The prices include VAT. (Mass TOPPING).

Prices for advertising services (for a company):

Entering an ad with a services offer for 1 ads is free for 30 days. More than one ad with a services offer is €0.04 for 30 days.

Preferred offer €0.40.

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